Dried Pineapple (500g)

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Dried pineapple from the tropics of the Philippine Islands - some of the juiciest and sweetest in the world! They are low in fat & has some amazing health benefits when eaten regularly alongside a balanced diet.

Dried Pineapple helps your body synthesise fatty acids and cholesterol and aids in bone and protein formation. These dried pineapples from Charlesworth Nuts are a great source of Manganese. It helps your body deal with proteins, blood sugar, and carbohydrates. It is like a secret helper in your body, these are things that your body needs to stay active and full of energy.

So, when you snack on Charlesworth Nuts' Dried Pineapple, you're not just treating yourself to a burst of tropical flavor, you're giving your body a dose of goodness. It's like a mini vacation for your taste buds and a boost for your health – all in one tasty package. Next time you're looking for a snack that's both yummy and good for you, reach for these dried pineapples and let the tropical goodness take over!

Now, here's the cool part: these dried pineapples aren't just tasty, they're also a healthy choice. They have a low amount of fat, which is great if you want to watch what you eat. But that's not all – they come with some amazing health benefits that can make you feel good inside and out.

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