Charlesworth Nuts

Chocolate Cashews
Lolly Fruits
Choco Lolly
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Salted Cashews (500g)
Charlesworth Nuts Salted Cashews (500g)
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Crispy and light rice crackers
Raw Hazels
Salted Mix (500g)
Apricots covered chocolate
Triple Choc Heaven (500g)
strawberry flavoured fruit pieces coated in white chocolate
Dried Figs
Dark Cherry Coconut Rough Clusters (450g)
Roasted Peanuts (500g)
mix of nuts and fruit
Raw Mix contains Cashews, Almonds, Hazelnuts and Walnuts
Dried apricots
crispy peppermint chips, complemented by creamy white chocolate
Unsalted Nuts
Raw Pecans
Unsalted Macadamias (500g)
Hot Chilli Beer Nuts
Triple Choc Fruit Trio (500g)
apricots covered dark chocolate