Monday Distillery Non-Alcoholic G&T (300mL)
Love your guts kimchi
Jamu Love your guts kimchi
Sale price$12.00
Mixed Treat Pack
Jamu Mixed Treat Pack
Sale price$35.00
GSK Turmeric Botanical Tonic (300mL)
Zesty lemon and dill kraut
Assorted Bliss Balls
Jamu Assorted Bliss Balls
Sale priceFrom $25.00
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Mixed Chocolate Cups (5 cups)
Chunky Rocky Road Chocolate Clusters (200g)
Thai chilli and galangal kimchi
Black miso and garlic kimchi
Jamu Cold pressed green juice
Sale price$11.50
Almo Almond Milk (1L)
Jamu Almo Almond Milk (1L)
Sale priceFrom $6.50
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Coco Quench Coconut Milk (1L)
Jamu Cold pressed detox juice
Sale price$11.50
Dirty Clean Eats JAMU Tonic Concentrate (200mL)
Love your guts sauerkraut
Szechuan pepper and turmeric kimchi
Mega Slice Pack
Jamu Mega Slice Pack
Sale price$35.00
Chia Pudding Pot (each)
Jamu Chia Pudding Pot (each)
Sale price$11.00
Ginger and turmeric kraut