Genuine Fig Vinegar

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Made from 100% fresh figs grown at The Figgery, Genuine Fig Wine Vinegar’s journey from tree to bottle is one of single origin. For owners Daniel and Sue Pattingale, this has been a passionate hands-on journey at every stage of production, resulting in a high quality traditionally fermented vinegar.

This versatile, simple and natural product is pro-biotic and gluten free, and will add a delicious, healthy element to your salads and dressings. Try a few drops on a fresh oyster, your favourite fish, or baked vegetables.The Figgery is a slow food business with a genuine commitment to sustainable farming and processing, minimization of off-farm inputs and reducing waste at every opportunity.     “Quality not quantity” is the catch phrase at The Figgery, with an emphasis on innovative foods produced by simple traditional methods.

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