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Title: Beetlejuice (250ml)
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Big Sissy Foods by Matchett Productions

This quirky artisan range of sauces, dressings and condiments follows the same philosophy as the Matchett's product ranges - locally made, hand-crafted, high quality exclusive products supporting local industry by using South Australian producers and businesses wherever possible.

Choose from:

Beetlejuice  - balsamic, beetroot & horseradish dressing (V, GF)
Secret Agent  - exotic soya dressing (V, GF)

Dead Horse  - racy tomato sauce (V, GF)
Dirty Harry  - feisty chilli, ginger sauce - watch out for the Peri Peri chilli! (V, GF, Hot)
Smokin' Tex  - smoked plum sauce with a bite (V, GF, Hot)

Crocodile Candy  - snappy onion marmalade with a touch of balsamic (V, GF)
Screamin' Cream  - raunchy salad cream
Holy Ghost  - discontinued

V vegan  GF gluten free

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