Matchett's Chutneys, Pastes & Pickles (200g)

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Matchett's - Sexy Foods Passionately Crafted!
Locally made artisan range of dressings, chutneys, sauces, pickles, pastes and condiments - hand-crafted, high quality exclusive products supporting local industry by using South Australian producers and businesses wherever possible.

A range of delicious chutneys & condiments to suit every occasion.

Choose from:

Chilli Fire  - very friggin' hot habanero chilli paste - V, GF, v Hot!
Chilli Jam  - sweet savoury hot chutney - V, GF, Hot
Chilli Sting  - North African style chutney - V, GF, v Hot
Lust  - chipotle chilli chutney - V, GF, Hot

Little Monster  - zucchini & onion pickles - V, GF
Mrs Chilli Piccalilly  - cauliflower pickle - V, GF, Hot

V vegan, GF gluten free

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