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Minestrone Soup
Harris Smokehouse - Smoked Salmon (100g)
Harris Smokehouse - Smoked Salmon (250g)
Empanadas Chorizo (GF)
Cumbia Empanadas Chorizo (GF)
Sale price$36.00
Coxinah (two doz pack)
Cumbia Coxinah (two doz pack)
Sale price$65.00
110g Black Pepper Port Pate
Cumbia's Paella (GF)
Cumbia Cumbia's Paella (GF)
Sale priceFrom $16.00
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Marinated Octopus Tentacles (200g)
Yarra Valley Salmon Caviar (100g)
110g French Pate
110g Duck & Walnut Pate
Wakami Salad (100g)
The Works Fruit Salad
Aubergines The Works Fruit Salad
Sale priceFrom $8.00
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110g Truffle Pate
XL Cooked SA King prawns (1kg)
Marinated Mussels (200g)