Carmen Carmenere (CHILE Wine)

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Red Wine Bottle

A delicious, yet lesser known grape varietal, Chilean Carmenere results in fantastically beautiful, medium-bodied, fruit-forward wines. With gentle tannins, and deep crimson colors, you can expect an array of berries, red fruits, spice, smokiness and earth on both the nose and palate.

If you're into collecting, be aware that Carmenere is best enjoyed in the first couple of years after bottling.

Originally from southwest Bordeaux, France, Carmenere finds a hospitable home in central Chile. Today Carmenere grows all over the world, but the best renditions are generally considered to come from Chile. Now, comparatively little Carmenere still grows in France.

Carmenere is very similar to Merlot. In fact, until recently, Chilean wine growers mistook Carmenere for Merlot for decades.

With respect to food, Carmenere goes really well with menus containing savory flavors and spice. Enjoy a Carmenere with anything from steak to BBQ, to red-sauce pasta. However, try to avoid pairing any red wine with seafood.

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