Cheese Accompaniments

The Uptown PlatterThe Uptown Platter
Baylies Grissini
Say Cheese Baylies Grissini
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Beerenberg Cranberry Sauce
The Classic PlatterThe Classic Platter
Beerenberg Apple Sauce
Mary's Crackers - Superseed Classic
Prosciutto Pre Sliced Pack 100gm
Mary's Crackers - Sea Salt
110g Truffle Pate
110g French Pate
110g Duck & Walnut Pate
The Charcuterie Entertainer pack
Caramelised Onion Lavosh Crackers
Beerenberg Blood Orange Marmalade
Poppyseed Lavosh Crackers
Mary's Crackers - Original
Rosemary & Sea Salt Lavosh Crackers
Baylies Brandy Spiced Fruits 310g