Cheese Accompaniments

Olive - Kalamata Whole
110g Farmhouse Pate
The Charcuterie Entertainer pack
Olive - Kalamata Pitted
Prociutto Pre Sliced Pack 100gm
Sun Dried Tomato - In Olive Oil
Brazil Nuts - Organic - 500g Pre Pack
Bacon Pieces 500gm Pack
Olive - Stuffed with Salmon 280gm
Olive - Stuffed with Pepper 280gm
Pancetta Pre Sliced Pack 175gm
Olive - Cerignola Green
Antipasto Pre Sliced Pack 175gm
Olive - Stuffed with Jamon 280gm
Piparra - Green pickled chillies
110g Truffle Pate
Olive - Sicilian Green
Piparra - 300gm
Olive - Bariole Jumbo
110g Black Pepper Port Pate