Adelaide Central Market

Market Cooler Bag
Harris Smokehouse - Smoked Salmon (100g)
King George Whiting Fillets (1kg)
Eggplant(4.99 p/kg)
480g Mississippi Sausages
Rio Vista Turmeric Pressed Olive Oil
110g Black Pepper Port Pate
500g Chicken and Basil Sausages
Bleasdale NV Sparkling Blanc de Blancs
Heavenly Hell - Sweet Succulent Swine 150g
Free Range Chicken Kiev
Rio Vista Chilli Pressed Olive Oil
Honey & Soy Marinated Chicken Wingettes (2kg)
Brian's Olivemite Tapenade
Black Grapes
Lemon (7.99 p/kg)
Low and Slow Basics - Garlic Goals
Marinated Mussels (200g)
Gourmet meatballs - 450g
Harris Smokehouse - Smoked Salmon (250g)
Fresh SA Flathead Fillets (1kg)
Chalk Play Mats
110g Truffle Pate
Port Lincoln Sardine Fillets (500g)