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Title: Happy Me Tea
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Melbourne Bushfood - founded by young Australians with a social mission to bring Australian native ingredients into our pantries



The Australian Native Tea blends include:


Belly Welly Tea

- a blend of strawberry gum, cinnamon, aniseed myrtle, peppermint, fennel & chamomile to aid digestion and relieve bloating


Happy Me Tea

- a blend of green tea, roasted rice, lemon myrtle, lemon balm, kunzea, olive leaf, elderberry & echinacea - Japanese inspired for your wellness


Bush Chai Tea

- a blend of assam tea, aniseed myrtle, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, wattleseed, pepperleaf & pepperberry - a spicy blend based on an old Indian recipe with a touch of Australian natives


Peachy Sleepy Tea

- a blend of jilungin, peach, chamomile, lemongrass, passion fruit flower, valerian root to give you a delicious night-cap and a deep peaceful sleep


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