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Title: Davidson Plum & Rhubarb Jam
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Melbourne Bushfood - founded by young Australians with a social mission to bring Australian native ingredients into our pantries

Davidson Plum & Rhubarb jam - sweet, tart and sour
Pepperberry & Strawberry jam - sweet & fruity with a warm pepperberry hit
Desert Lime & Apricot jam - chunky apricot with a zesty desert lime kick

Delicious on your morning toast, a crumpet, pancakes, afternoon tea scones, fold through ice-cream or yoghurt, drizzle over a cake or your favourite desert.

Add a touch of Australia!


Davidson Plum & Rhubarb jam
Natural Cane Sugar, Davidson Plum (25%), Rhubarb (25%)

Pepperberry & Strawberry jam
Strawberries, Sugar, Water, Pepperberry (0.5%)

Desert Lime & Apricot jam
Australian Apricots, Sugar, Desert Lime (min 10%)

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